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Content is King for nonprofit

18 August 2016   —   par Karine Bréard

“Content for your nonprofit is King” is an increasingly common saying. A simple Google research generates more than 300 million results! But what does it mean?

In an increasingly diverse world, it’s really easy to get lost in a sea of generated, published and distributed information. According to some studies, Facebook users share 2.5 million of pieces of information (any text, video or images) every minute. We face an enormous wave of information and the risk of losing our bearings is higher than ever.

Google records 4 million searches per minute. Businesses that do not adjust their strategy to follow these trends are at risk of missing out on an growing market segment. Depending on their industry, they face nothing less than their extinction. An example of the truth of this statement is the printed paper industry. An increasing number of newspapers migrate to an online platform, because the revenues of printed advertisement, which used to support their production costs, take an ever smaller place in their budgets.

Consumer needs are growing, but they no longer look for solutions in the newspapers. And they are right: why would someone walk around to find and buy a newspaper when the solution is right in their pocket?

Searching for three keywords on Google is easy. 4 million people do it every minute. On the other side of the internet’s optical cable, businesses participate in a real contest to acquire new customers. And there, we get to the king. We get to the content.

A business’ blog is its main information distribution channel. Mathematically speaking, the publication frequency and the relevance of the posts play an equal and crucial role in making sure those 4 million people view the right content. Professionals in the field call this process “acquisition.” But if their acquisition does not lead to a “conversion”, the invested effort is half lost. The credibility of the information plays an essential role.

The first and most common mistake from businesses that manage their own blog is to attempting to sell their products or services, with a writing style borrowed from advertising content. A blog is not a corporate catalog, it does not need to explain, for example, the types of roofing materials and their specific characteristics. The blog should instead talk about the importance of a house’s roof, in a specific real-life example. How to make your roof an excellent landing spot for Santa Claus, for instance. Hmm, maybe not that, but you get the idea.

57% of professionals in marketing claim that a business’ blog is the most appropriate way to distribute information. Another important thing to remember, we still talk about the same information that those 4 million people look for every minute, 24 hours a day. In other terms, this content is really at the center of the attention. It’s almost like a celebrity.
A king, for example. If you look to create content for your nonprofit; feel free to contact us.

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