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Donation experience and social media

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What we learn during our childhood follows us all our lives. Maths, grammar, geography: yes. Bullying, violence, discrimination: no.

The Jasmin Roy Foundation works to protect and help children in their school environment.

Fondation Jasmin Roy


The Jasmin Roy Foundation wanted to increase the engagement of their online community.

The Foundation had many fans on social media, through their newsletter and through private donations. They wanted to improve their followers’ engagement by inviting donors and fans to become official friends.

Fondation Jasmin Roy pages

Starkad’s Campaigns

The first step in improving the visibility of the Jasmin Roy Foundation was to optimize its social media publications, which was mostly on Facebook. This was accomplished by regular posts and by having personalized interactions with its followers.

Starkad created the #SmileForChange campaign to encourage the Foundation’s followers to post pictures of themselves smiling to show their support for the fight against bullying.

The donor experience was analyzed and remodeled with a new website to help with online donations.

Do you wish to improve the engagement of your social media?

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