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Internet Strategy: A 21st Century Necessity for nonprofit

29 August 2016   —   par Karine Bréard

The parameters of business strategy have grown massively since the start of the twenty first century. We have seen the rise of the Internet, massive productivity efficiencies vis-a-vis machine usage, and the increasing use of digital services, within the framework of the cloud, to execute critical business functions.

The Internet Strategy And Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu wrote in The Art of War, “Those who do not know the lay of the land cannot maneuver their forces”. The lay of the business terrain has shifted drastically and also subtly, such that those who truly do not know how to navigate this landscape may successfully trick themselves into believing they do. Internet strategy is of critical importance from the smallest business to the largest corporation.

Internet strategy is the means through which a business or corporate entity employs web-based technologies to better market to and engage its customer base. It is a holistic system that, when executed well, goes from finding and attracting potential high value customers to taking them through your business process with the tactic of making them return customers. As such, internet strategy touches upon all aspects of our businesses the same way the Internet has generally done—this leads to better customer relationships, sharper definition and expansion of our competitive advantages, and better ways to capitalize on the economy of scales within our markets.

The Internet Strategy – right now and effective

Internet strategy is rapidly evolving and growing as a field. As such, an entire industry of specialists and professionals has developed around it within the last two decades. These new firms are increasingly overshadowing the operations of traditional marketing firms. Originally, they were not seen as competitors, but as the Internet consumes all aspects of our lives, the practices and principles employed by these professionals have made internet strategy and its implementation instrumental in the world. It is now hard to imagine a company that would not need to develop a website or have a marketing strategy for online sales or customer acquisition.

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