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Mobilisons Montréal is a not-for-profit organization (NPO) whose mission is to encourage local entrepreneurship, social innovation and collective ownership by placing citizens at the heart of local development activities and developing technological solutions Adapted to the needs of the communities.


Community development is booming in Quebec. Today, the complexity of the major challenges of development (economic, social, cultural and environmental) in the localities implies a global perspective and the implementation of multidimensional solutions. It also involves the mobilization of all the active forces of a community. It is therefore essential to mobilize all the socio-economic actors of a locality (citizens, community organizations, neighborhood tables, private and social economy companies, local elected representatives, etc.) around the local development Projects to meet the needs of the community.

The objectives of Mobilisons Montreal are:
Supporting local development actions by promoting individual and corporate citizenship;
Encourage the multiplication of opportunities for networking and collaboration among local actors;
Encourage social and technological innovation to better respond to the complexity of territorial development challenges;
Promote a new public-private-citizen partnership.
Montreal Mobilisons Project:

1- The project
The “L’Est Innove” project is an initiative of Mobilisons Montréal in partnership with the City of Montreal and the Metropolitan Region Secretariat.

“The Innovative East” consists of a campaign of ideas and projects with the socio-economic actors (citizens, private companies and social economy, community organizations) of the 6 boroughs of the East of Montreal to bring to light projects Improving the quality of life in communities. The campaign will take place in 3 major stages. Explore – Mobilize – Propulsion.

Participants are invited to propose innovative solutions in response to problems grouped into four main themes: Environment and Sustainable Development *, Arts and Culture *, Food Security *, Trade Revitalization *.

At each stage of the campaign, project promoters will receive support in the form of training and co-creation workshops to help them develop their projects.

They can submit their application to Step 1 or 2 of the campaign. It is not compulsory to participate in all stages of the project campaign but most fellowships and prizes are reserved for projects that have completed stage 3.

The competition is based on an open innovation approach and values ​​of collaboration, inclusion, mutual aid and solidarity.

Scholarships, prizes and support in various forms will be offered throughout the competition to the most promising projects.

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